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With the outbreak of COVID-19,

We have created a line of medical face shields that protect the entire face from contamination. For more info please click here.

Ultra Sleeves

  • protect against contamination

Moisture and Spills

Minimize water damage and keep your tablets clean from splashes and spills with Ultra Sleeves™. Our liquid resistant film keeps all the electronic components inside safe and dry.

Static Electricity

The plastic film used to make our sleeves contain special additives to eliminate static electricity.

Dirt and Bacteria

Ultra Sleeves™ are perfect for keeping germs off your tablet, especially in public places such as airplanes, sports games, concerts, cafes.. even bathrooms! Don't let germs make a home on your tablet!

Scratches and Sand

Sand, dirt and all kinds of dust can cause surface scratches and get stuck in your tablet's charger and headphone ports. Use Ultra Sleeves™ to keep particles off and out of your tablet.

About Our Ultra Pro Sleeves

Don’t let scratches and spills limit you from using your new computer tablet!
Protect your valuable electronics with our new Ultra Sleeves™ disposable,.....
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Now Available - iPad Mini Covers & Kindle Fire Sleeves
Slide in Tablet Sleeves

Ideal for :

Around the Pool
Construction Site
Mechanic Shop
 Beauty Salon
In the Bathroom
Around Kids & Toddlers
Stylus Pen
Smart Cover
Smart Cover
Hard Case
Hard Case
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